About Auricular Reflexology

Dr Paul NogierAuricular (Ear) Therapy is a form of therapeutic treatment where a certified practitioner stimulates various points on the external ear to initiate a healing response in the body.  Though it was originally based on the ancient form of Chinese acupuncture, a “map of the body” on the external ear was developed during the 1950’s by the meticulous study of French Physician, Dr. Paul Nogier.

Dr. Nogier became intrigued with using the ear for treatment when several of his patients came to him all of which had a strange “scar” on a ridge of their ear which had helped to reduce or alleviate their low back pain.  They reported relief from this pain after visiting a lay practitioner who had cauterized that particular spot on the ear. Dr. Nogier was determined to find another method to help his patients and using his expertise in medicine and in acupuncture, he found that needling the same point on the ear and using micro-currents imperceptible to the client brought about pain relief as well.  Further research and study as well as collaboration with other Dr.‘s enabled him to compile quite a detailed map of specific body points as well as organ systems.  The map of these auricular or ear points looks like an inverted fetus on the external ear.  For the first time, it allows practitioners to approach pain relief and even healing, safely and unobtrusively without medications.

Stimulating points on the external ear has been found to be helpful toward addressing many health concerns such as pain, headaches, stress relief, sprains, strains, colds & allergies, weight and digestive issues, blood sugar and blood pressure issues, male and female health issues, vertigo, ADHD and more*.



*Disclaimer:  Actual results may vary and are not guaranteed.  Ear Reflexology is not intended to diagnose nor cure any ailment or disease.  Before starting any new program we recommend you consult with your Medical Practitioner.

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