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physical therapy 4About Lucia Poffinbarger.  I’ve experienced many rewarding years as a Registered Physical Therapist treating all types of patients from young athletes to seniors.  With extensive experience in orthopedic rehab, teaching cardiac rehab classes, and working with the neurologically impaired, I’ve seen a lot of health and pain issues and had good success.  However, I became increasingly frustrated by the limitations of Western medicine which (still) focuses more on medicating or masking symptoms with toxic medications vs natural pain relief while addressing the root cause of our ailments.  While searching for more holistic (natural) remedies for my patients and my own family, I was introduced to the mature science of ancient Chinese medicine, acupuncture, and auricular reflexology.

Why Auricular Reflexology.   The external ear does much more than funnel sound to the inner ear as I was taught in my anatomy classes many years ago.  The external ear can be stimulated for many ailments taking place throughout the body and can be used for treatment while the actual area of injury may be too painful to work on directly.  No needles are used but specific points may be stimulated and then tiny ear beads are applied to keep pressure on and continually stimulate these points.   For some people, lasting relief is achieved after 1-2 treatments and for others it takes longer. This is not a miracle cure*, it takes work on your part too.   It is my wish to help you take more control over your health and well-being. Please check out my testimonials, contact me, and let’s get started on your journey to better heath!


*Disclaimer:  Results my vary and are not guaranteed.  Auricular (Ear) Reflexology is not intended to diagnose nor cure any ailment or disease.  Before starting any new program we recommend you consult with your Medical Practitioner.

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