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Carpal Tunnel

Feb 27, 2013 by Monica

I’ve been dealing with carpal tunnel for about 3 years. Over that time, the pain and numbness became worse. It was difficult for me to use a toothbrush, curling iron, and even to put on my makeup. Sometimes it even made me late for work! I saw a Dr. who recommended carpal tunnel surgery but I was not thrilled about having surgery, but didn't know of any other options. I met Lucia at the soccer field and I told her about my condition. Lucia suggested trying Ear Reflexology and explained briefly how it worked. After three treatments, the pain and numbness went away! I couldn't believe it had worked! I continued with a few more treatments and I'm so excited that I did not have the surgery. If I do experience other flare-ups, I know where I can go for help :) Not only did it help me with my carpal tunnel, it also helped me with my cystitis and I have been able to reduce my medication and hopefully will get completely off of it with my Dr.'s approval. I think God brought me to Lucia for the pain in my hands, and I'm thankful for learning about this treatment and how helpful it has been. I would recommend anyone to come to Lucia for any type of pain situation.


Jan 31, 2013 by Susan

About 18 years ago, I began struggling with what the doctor's call Irritable Bowel Syndrome, which for me meant constipation and frequent episodes of terrible stomach pain. At that time, I learned to live with the condition with rigorous exercise, a careful diet, sleep hygiene, lots and lots of water, and most significantly, by becoming a slave to psyllium husk and senna teas. Over the years, I still had symptoms, but I was coping well enough. Then about a year ago, I started having severe attacks once or twice a week, with mild events nearly every day. If I wasn't in pain, I was recovering from it, or in fear of the next bout. When I came to Lucia, I had already been to a naturopathic doctor who prescribed me many costly supplements and did various tests which yielded no helpful results, I had been to the gastroenterologist who did tests that yielded no results and who prescribed that I take Miralax to induce diarrhea - forever. With the help of these doctors, I now had stomach pain that was still affecting my life in a serious way, although not as severe as it was- and diarrhea- every day.

This is where I was when I began a course of treatment with Lucia. Lucia's level-headed compassion was such a relief. She didn't pretend to know the answer or be certain of the outcome. She didn't seem particularly interested in labeling my illness either. She was truly dedicated to working with me to make me healthy again - that's all. Her egoless approach was refreshing. I believe, that in my particular case, the most important aspect of the treatment was the holistic approach. Lucia taught me that the genesis of my physical malady might not be in my genes, or my food, or a mechanical problem; but that the disease in my body was a lot more complex and tied to my thoughts and emotions. She is the first health care provider (of many), that asked me to go to the beginning, not to the beginning of this current crisis, but way back when it first began two decades ago. Lucia broke something loose in me with these revelations, and set my feet on the path to health.

By the end of six weeks with Lucia, I was very much better; considering how deeply entrenched this condition has been, this a miracle. Now, about one month later, it's only a little bit of superstition that prevents me from gloating over a full recovery. Lucia has my undying gratitude, without her, I would be settling for the gastroenterologist's solution right now, instead of enjoying real recovery.

Overall Health

Jan 19, 2013 by Margi

I have had chronic neck and back pain for several years, which causes headaches, fatigue, and pain. Lucia worked with me for six weeks, and she was able to help with the neck and back problems as well as some goals for overall health. After each treatment, I was incredibly relaxed and renewed. I craved more healthy food, and I was energetic.

You can tell Lucia truly cares about overall health and well being. Her gentle and kind approach to discussing and treating problems is very soothing and reassuring. I would recommend Lucia to help with specific issues and overall health improvement.


Jan 18, 2013 by Angela


I can't thank you enough for introducing my son, Ryan, and I to ear reflexology. I've always preferred a natural approach to cure what ales you and have always left the prescription medication as a last resort. Unfortunately we were told Ryan needed medication to help him cope with his OCD and ADHD. He had been taking them for almost two years and suffering many side effects. He went through several types of medication because of it. He became a guinea pig which I learned is the norm. Then you introduced us to ear reflexology. After his first treatment we noticed a positive change in Ryan's appetite and mental wellness. His grades have improved because of how "more in control" he is of his own mind and body. Yes, it has effected his self confidence in a positive way.

Under the advice of a doctor we reduced his medication gradually and he has been free of all prescription meds for the past two weeks. He went for his annual check-up (14 yrs old) and the doctor was very happy and surprised to see him doing so well. No longer is our appointment book filled with Psychiatric and Therapist appointments. He now only sees his Pediatrician for check-ups and YOU to keep his mind, body and soul balanced!

We are hoping there will be a maintenance program to keep Ryan's health moving forward. According to his pediatrician, medical research has shown a high probability of relapse when one has stopped using medication prescribed for OCD and ADHD. A relapse is what we are hoping to avoid with a maintenance program specific to Ryan's needs.

Thanks again for helping my son!

Angela (aka The Mominator)

Hot Flash Relief

Jan 17, 2013 by Vicki

My experience with ear reflexology has been extremely successful. I have always been interested in different healing modalities, and have tried many alternatives. This is one of the more effective ones I’ve found. Lucia treated many symptoms, some caused by menopause, including annoying hot flashes, headaches, and digestive issues. I was able to leave the beads in for 3-4 days, and experienced a reduction in symptoms within the first week. The greatest benefit was that I was able to sleep through the night, and continue to enjoy deep sleep many weeks after my treatments were over. I have very few hot flashes, having gone from 5+ a day to only 1 or 2 a week!!! And these are only a couple of the issues that we addressed successfully. I’ve also experienced better over-all health and energy. Lucia is extremely professional and knowledgeable about pressure points in the ear and adept at explaining how this healing modality works. This is an extremely effective therapy; I would highly recommend this to everyone who wants to avoid drugs, and who would like a healthier, holistic way to heal. I look forward to my next visit, if and when I may need it.
Thanks Lucia!

Tennis Elbow

Nov 25, 2011 by Michele

After injuring my elbow during a move, I went to my medical Dr. and was diagnosed with Tennis Elbow. He sent me home with some excerises to do. The pain continued for months, and it was during this time that Lucia told me about her work with ear reflexology. After the first treatment, I began to feel relief from the pain. I went to her for an additional treatment, and since that time, I have been pain free. Lucia is very professional and really takes her time to make sure the beads are placed properly. I will definitely go back to Lucia for further treatment as the need arises. I am very thankful for her services and for her kindness. I will highly reccommend Lucia and ear reflexology to my friends.


I love Ear Reflexology

Nov 18, 2011 by Janet

Dear Lucia,

I love Ear Reflexology! Lucia has done my ears for both my aching back and plantar fasciitis. I seem to find the best result after having the beads in my ears for 4 days - a week or so.

The last time Lucia did my ears for my back & just after all the beads had fallen out, I had woken up in the morning and I couldn't believe how much pain my back was in! I said to my husband, "Wow, this Ear Reflexology really works because now that the beads are out I'm in a lot of pain again!" I called Lucia for another session. Upon that round, I had been experiencing foot pain (plantar fasciitis) so Lucia treated me for that too. A few days later I packed for a weekend away. Of course I planned on wearing my high shoes (which typically have to be removed after a couple of hours due to my foot pain), so went out for the evening with my high shoes on and prepared by putting my flip flops in my purse. Not only did I succeed the evening with my high shoes on, but the rest of the weekend and until the next time I saw Lucia! When she asked me how my feet were doing I was a bit confused... My feet had been pain free the entire time and I had forgotten that I even had a foot problem! I said to Lucia "my feet are fine, why?" Then it hit me... Wow, she treated me for those too!! Since that last treatment, I have had very little foot pain at all!!

Thank you Lucia for bringing this kind of treatment my way! You are always professional, knowledgeable, and a joy to see . I am so happy to have found this form of therapy. I hate medication, going to the Dr.'s and love knowing I'm doing the healthy thang for my body!

I will be calling you again, no doubt!



Strained Hamstring

Nov 16, 2011 by Terri

Hello -
I wanted to take a moment to tell you about the experience I had with an ear reflexology session I had with Lucia. About a year and a half ago I began playing soccer for an over 25 league. Mind you, I have been an avid runner for the majority of my life and had only played soccer a handful of times, but thought the league would be a great venue to meet new friends and get some additional exercise.

Being a runner, I thought I would be fine on the soccer field, though one evening of practice I pulled my left hamstring, quite severely. The pain was excruciating at times, and of course, kept me from running and playing soccer.

Lucia had introduced ear reflexology to me and had casually mentioned she might be able to help. Admittedly, I was skeptical. Really? Beads strategically placed on certain points on my ears to help heal what ails me? I lived with – and tried (jogging) through the pain for several months; many cold compresses, massage, rest and organic muscle relaxation creams would not alleviate the pain.
Lucia placed two to three beads on my ear and within three to four days, the pain subsided and within a week I was running again – pain free! Afer removing the beads I thought maybe the symptoms would return, but no.

Once a skeptic, now I am a believer. I am comfortable recommending my friends and will seek her treatment next time its needed.

Respectfully -

EarPoints , USA 5.0 5.0 8 8 I’ve been dealing with carpal tunnel for about 3 years. Over that time, the pain and numbness became worse. It was difficult for me to use a toothbrush, curling iron, and even to

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